La Línea (2019)

La Línea/The Line—the border checkpoint between the U.S. and Mexico—is the most transited international land border in the world. It is here that hundreds of vendors earn a living selling goods and services on the Tijuana side to those waiting to cross into the U.S. La Línea follows a few of these vendors in their day-to-day and records the ever-changing urban landscape of a city that is perpetually redefining itself against the backdrop of its reputation.

Tijuannui: border fatigue (2019)

Between Tijuana and San Diego is the world’s busiest land border crossing, where an average of 140,000 people cross northward each day. Tijuana native Mael Vizcarra makes video work focusing on the space of the border crossing. Here, instead of exploring the border as a transient space, she and her collaborator Stuart Cardwell try to capture the peculiar feeling of “no‐placeness” that haunts their inhabitation of the city. (Hence the title’s combination of Tijuana and ennui.) Playful references to the mid‐twentieth‐century Los Angeles avant‐garde filmmaker Maya Deren establish an artistic kinship as well as a different kind of border crossing: across not only the Mexico‐California border but across film genres and decades as well. 

–Andy Ditzler, Film Love, “Motion, Migration, and the Moving Image” exhibit

El Callejón (2012)

El Carmen, San Marcos, Guatemala.
Vendors in this alley market of El Carmen on the Guatemala-Mexico border spend a lot of their time watching the day pass by. Betty and Arely make mixed corn and flour quesadillas, Don Roman and his daughter Auralicia sit by his used car parts for sale, and innumerable “hormigas” (ants)–men carrying loads of various contraband goods–scurry by as they transport others’ wares across Mexico and Guatemala.

SpaceBike (2012)

Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico
“Space Bike” is the premier ‘Spinning’ bike spot in the border city of Tapachula. Bikers exercise to blasting pop songs, accompanying videos and space lights. The perfect combination of club, gym, and spaceship.