In-between two large black horizontal bands is a view of downtown Tijuana


"Between Tijuana and San Diego is the world’s busiest land border crossing, where an average of 140,000 people cross northward each day. Tijuana native Mael Vizcarra makes video work focusing on the space of the border crossing. Here, instead of exploring the border as a transient space, she and her collaborator Stuart Cardwell try to capture the peculiar feeling of 'no‐placeness' that haunts their inhabitation of the city. (Hence the title’s combination of Tijuana and ennui.) Playful references to the mid‐twentieth‐century Los Angeles avant‐garde filmmaker Maya Deren establish an artistic kinship as well as a different kind of border crossing: across not only the Mexico‐California border but across film genres and decades as well."  
--Andy Ditzler, Film Love, "Motion, Migration, and the Moving Image" exhibit


8 minutes. Mexico. 2019
A film by Stuart Cardwell and Mael Vizcarra.